createComponent(store, render)

Creates store-based React component. The createComponent is useful for transfering logic and data of state to your View component.


You can use hooks in createComponent since effector-react@20.3.0.


  1. store (Store | Object): Store or object of Store
  2. render (Function): Render function which will be called with props and state




import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import {createStore, createEvent} from 'effector'
import {createComponent} from 'effector-react'
const $counter = createStore(0)
const increment = createEvent()
$counter.on(increment, n => n + 1)
const MyCounter = createComponent($counter, (props, state) => (
Counter: {state}
<button onClick={increment}>increment</button>
const MyOwnComponent = () => {
// any staff here
return <MyCounter />
ReactDOM.render(<MyOwnComponent />, document.getElementById('root'))

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