serialize(scope: Scope, { ignore?: Array<Store<any>>; onlyChanges?: boolean }): {[sid: string]: any}

A companion method for fork. Allows to get a serialized value for all the store states within a scope. The main purpose is an application state serialization on the server side during SSR.


  1. scope Scope: a scope object (forked instance)
  2. ignore Optional array of Store to be omitted during serialization (added 20.14.0)
  3. onlyChanges Optional boolean flag to ignore stores which didn't changed in fork (prevent default values from being carried over network)


An object with store values using sids as a keys


Serialize forked instance state

import {createStore, createDomain, fork, serialize} from 'effector'
const domain = createDomain()
const store = domain.createStore(42)
const scope = fork(domain)
console.log(serialize(scope)) // => {[sid]: 42}

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