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Packages and templates of effector ecosystem

More content in awesome-effector repository


Stage 4. πŸ’š β€” Stable, supported, awesome
Stage 3. πŸ› οΈ β€” Stable, but still in development, v0.x
Stage 2. ☒️️ β€” Unstable/Incomplete, works in most cases, may be redesigned
Stage 1. 🧨 β€” Breaks in most cases, it must be redesigned, do not use in production
Stage 0. ⛔️ β€” Abandoned/Needs maintainer, may be broken; it must be migrated from


  • patronum πŸ’š β€” Effector utility library delivering modularity and convenience.
  • @effector/reflect πŸ’š β€” Classic HOCs redesigned to connect React components to Effector units in an efficient, composable and (sort of) β€œfine-grained reactive” way.
  • @withease/redux πŸ’š β€” Smooth migration from redux to effector.
  • @withease/i18next πŸ’š β€” A powerful internationalization framework bindings.
  • @withease/web-api πŸ’š β€” Web API bindings β€” network status, tab visibility, and more.
  • @withease/factories πŸ’š β€” Set of helpers to create factories in your application.
  • effector-storage πŸ’š - Small module to sync stores with all kinds of storages (local/session storage, IndexedDB, cookies, server side storage, etc).
  • farfetched πŸ›  β€” The advanced data fetching tool for web applications.
  • @effector/next πŸ›  - Official bindings for Next.js
  • effector-localstorage πŸ›  β€” Module for effector that sync stores with localStorage.
  • effector-hotkey πŸ›  β€” Hotkeys made easy.
  • atomic-router ☒️ β€” View-library agnostic router.
  • effector-undo ☒️ β€” Simple undo/redo functionality.
  • forest ☒️ β€” Reactive UI engine for web.
  • effector-utils β›” β€” Effector utilities library.


Form management

  • effector-final-form πŸ› οΈ – Effector bindings for Final Form.
  • filledout ☒️ β€” Form manager with easy-to-use yup validation
  • effector-forms ☒️ β€” Form manager for effector.
  • effector-react-form ☒️ β€” Connect your forms with state manager.
  • efform β›” β€” Form manager, based on effector state manager, designed to deliver high-quality DX.